I am specialized in finding digital solutions. And with my knowledge in both design and technology I’m able to bridge the gap that many creatives and developers face in collaborative environments.

Over the past 12 years, as an UX Director and Designer, I’ve worked with big brands, non-governmental organizations and government institutions to successfully help them reach their full potential and target audience.

My focus is high quality human-centred design, but I also have the ability to bring concepts to life through creative front-end development. I’m a teamplayer who believes the best results come from passion driven people and are inspired by different backgrounds and beliefs. I’m interested in developing processes and organisational structures that encourage people to have fun while being creative and working agile.

I’m currently based in Berlin as a Creative Director for IBM iX. In my spare time, when I’m not on my Macbook, I enjoy going for a run, playing a round of tennis with friends or reading a good Technothriller.

With more than a decade of professional experience I bring a broad variety of disciplines to the table. I would call myself a multidisciplinary designer who focuses on telling my clients’ stories visually, through enjoyable and meaningful experiences.

I believe good product design is a strategic investment and with carefully selected tools I help small and big businesses to design and launch well-thought out products. I also love mentoring people in a collaborative environment that meets the requirements of creatives and developers at the same time.

Digital Strategy

Research / Workshops
Project Consulting
Design Thinking
Design Sprints

Design & Branding

UX/UI Design
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Motion Design


lo-fi & hi-fi prototypes
Front-End Frameworks
Development QS


Project Management
Team Lead
Academy Coaching

Over the past 12 years I’ve had the pleasure to work with customers from various sectors on many interesting projects. Here are some of them:

I collaborate with ambitious brands and people and I always like to talk about new projects. You can always contact me by mail or send me a message on LinkedIn.


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